People often remark, "You do this because it's so much fun, don't you?" We categorically deny this (which of course means it's true).

We love working with each other, our clients are daring and smart, we are constantly learning, and we have a great time. We strongly believe that on-your-feet learning can bring direct benefits to our clients, their businesses and brands, and indirect benefits to individuals and to society. This belief is strengthened with every new experience.

Here are some of the benefits of working with OYF:


You are always working with other people.


We use specific tools, models, and a reflective process to help you apply our practices to your relevant, real-world problems.


We are experience-mongers, because getting out of your chair changes things (we’re guessing you won’t call us if you want everything in your organization to remain exactly the same).


We are always examining our process to squeeze out the maximum growth for ourselves and our clients.


Surprise is inevitable when you work with improvisation and other experiential techniques.


When you work with OYF, you co-create ideas, solutions, and relationships with colleagues and leadership. Co-creation is all about freely giving ideas instead of holding them tightly.