Mistakes will always happen. One of the many things we've learned from improvisation is to look at a mistake and ask "what can we do with that?" instead of kicking ourselves with regret that we made them in the first place.

For example, we miscalculated with the design of this website. We probably should have cut this page on the site due to budgets and layout, but we couldn't, the navigation was already baked. So we decided to use this mistake by researching and sharing some other (perhaps better) mistakes:

Cool Mistake #1

Josephine Dickson married a man who worked for a company that manufactured gauze and adhesive tape. Josephine Dickson was accident-prone. During the first week that she was married to Earle Dickson, she cut herself twice with the kitchen knife. After that, it just went from bad to worse. It seemed that Josephine was always cutting herself. One day her husband had an idea. He sat down with some tape and gauze and a pair of scissors. Then he cut the tape into strips. In the middle of each strip he stuck a little square of gauze. Hence the birth of BAND-AIDs.

Cool Mistake #2

In 1948 in Switzerland, George de Mestral went off into the woods with his dog, an Irish Setter. Instead of taking a regular path, he traveled down a different route and, upon arriving home, found his dog covered with burs. Instead of grumbling and cursing, he was amazed at the natural wonder of the little hooks on the burs stuck to the dog's hair. In 1951, de Mestral applied for a patent in Switzerland. In 1952 de Mestral began a company called Velcro.

Cool Mistake #3

One day in 1853, a diner at Moon Lake Lodge in Saratoga Springs, New York, refused to eat an order of French fries because they were too thick. The chef, George Crum, fried a thinner batch, but the customer also rejected these. Crum decided to teach the diner a lesson. He sliced a potato paper-thin and fried it so heavily it could not be cut with a fork. But the customer loved them. Soon other customers were asking for potato chips.