Raspberries and Accolades

Here is where you might expect to find all of the quotable quotes, and over the top accolades about OYF. Sure there are some of those, but is it all glowing sweetness and light? Well, actually, yes, for the most part, but we value candid and frank feedback. Here are some thoughts from press and participants:

OYF in The News

The Sunday New York Times - "Can Executives Learn to ignore the Script?"

The Wall Street Journal's Livemint -  "Improv Wisdom" 

The Business Journal - Stepping out of the box.

Oregon Public Radio interview with OYF's Gary Hirsch and Brad Robertson.
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Stream - medium quality .wma, 5 mb.

The Portland Tribune - If you can't beat 'em, improv.

Human Resource Executive Magazine - The Power of Play.

Singapore Learning Festival 2003 - Learning On Your Feet

OD Practitioner - Improv Culture: Using Practices from Improv Theater to Help Organizations Evolve Successfully Over Time.

QRCA Views - Do Something New: Getting Respondents on Their Feet.

World of Business Ideas: How Improvising Can Help you Innovate

PSU Alumni Snapshot

Client Comments

"Your ability to engage with us in relevant, creative and unexpected ways added an element of – well -- relevant, creative and unexpected energy that will fuel our spirit during the ups and downs of real business. Thank you for standing by our side – from the meeting prep and content delivery to your active participation in the sessions through to the follow up deck we received today. We’re believers and now we’re your biggest fans."
Karen Arena, Xerox VP of global communications

Great concept. Great results. And something even more rare - follow up! If there were a Nobel prize for creative business ideas, OYF should get it. -Head of Planning DDB Advertising

"What sets On Your Feet apart is their commitment to developing a truly awesome experience for their clients; one that is the "anti-classroom" of learning." - Rick Jensen, Vice President, Talent Development and HR M&A Intuit

Are you a shoe company? We understand you will be supplying us with a large order of sneakers. Do you take credit cards? -A confused potential client

Having our whole team go through the same training has been very helpful back at work. We now have a common language that has enhanced our communication with each other. Anything that can get my whole team on the same page is of great benefit to me! -Vice President Marketing, Southwest Airlines

Do you do couples counseling? - Participant in a London workshop

What you guys have enabled me to do is find new ways. New paths. New approaches. And when you discover a new way of doing things...you are guaranteed to find new inspiration. -Head of Planning, Saatchi & Saatchi, Hong Kong

Can one of you please get me a Diet Coke? -Newt Gingrich, who thought we were waiters