The world looks different standing up.

More than ever, people want new ideas. Success depends upon not just new ideas, but good ones. Ideas for new products, new relationships with customers, new forms of organization, new ways to communicate. The list is long. And by the way, you can't afford to sit around waiting for them. You need new ideas and you need them now.

More, better, different ideas

We help organizations discover breakthrough ideas using methods that are experiential, playful and immediately useful. Our goal is to have clients surprise themselves, think beyond current problems, develop new and useful ideas, and (on occasion) channel the gods.

We believe that the central challenge when it comes to generating breakthrough ideas is to find a method that is NOT DISCUSSION-BASED. Discussion is the mode in which business people habitually dwell. It is the comfort zone. As soon as you are in a discussion, you are in a deeply patterned way of behaving. But if you want to discover something new, you need to DO something new.

We break the normal mode of discussion by using improvisational work, "human storyboarding," material mechanisms, pictures, sounds, movement, other multi-sensory stimuli, and physical space.

New product innovation, marketing ideas, and naming

We use scenario-based brainstorming as well as a broad range of techniques—from improvisation to story work to "human storyboarding" — to unearth new product and marketing ideas. We also use our team of professional improvisers trained in lateral thinking techniques to generate ideas in a multitude of areas, from naming to to new ways to think about your business model.

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