We all have an audience.

We all want to connect to our audience, whether it's an audience of one or one thousand. We want to be part of communication that engages people and gets results in a two-way, co-creative exchange. What we know from experience is that what doesn't work is walking into a meeting/presentation/conversation with a spigot of agenda-driven content that we turn on when we walk in the room, throwing a towel over our shoulders as we leave. OYF focuses on helping clients create a back-and-forth flow that is rich with story, fresh and surprising, and sometimes going deep to the things that matter most. Below are the types of programs we have created that focus on high impact communication for small and large groups.

Engaging your Audience

We all have an audience, whether we're pitching to a small group or presenting to a thousand. And all audiences want to be engaged. Improvisers know a lot about what engages an audience, and here's a hint: it isn't dense PowerPoint slides read in a monotone. (We have actually been called an antidote to PowerPoint, see above) You know this of course, but there's more to the story... We focus on the dynamics that make presentations engaging, interactive, full of learning, and truly memorable. This can begin with a geranium and lead to a grapple, with a lot of surprises in between. These sessions give practice with design and delivery of your real stuff. Presenters leave with a set of interactive tools, structures, and responses to almost any presentation circumstance. This work is perfect for training pitch teams, senior leadership, product development and technology teams who want to engage their internal stakeholders. We have also worked with groups to apply the methods to advertising briefs, messaging and specific pitch challenges.

PowerPoint Antidote

Organizations spend millions of dollars each year to host conferences for their employees, staff, and leadership. These conferences feature speakers, events and training all designed to have a lasting impact on the attendees. For maximum ROI, we put engagement elements and structures in place to ensure that attendees remember and use the information and learning that they experience at any conference they attend. We develop programs designed that reduces "conference blur" and increases participant learning and the "stickiness" of any event.

Presentation Coaching

We believe that the best presenters not only have a deep connection to their content, but that they also facilitate a great connection between themselves, their content and the audience.