We like to be compensated for our work in one of two ways. The first is the traditional way. We do the work, we invoice, and clients are kind enough to send a check (or a cheque, depending on where they live). The second way is a bit less lucrative but equally interesting.

Traditional Ways to Pay

Most often we get asked to do one-day workshops. Typically a one-day workshop will cost between $14,000 and $22,000.

So why the wide range of costs? While our workshop with you might be scheduled for one day, most of our work takes place in advance of that and varies greatly. Factors that influence our costing include the brief you give us, the number of facilitators it will take to bring you the best experience, and others that are too wordy to talk about on a website (but that we’re happy to talk with you about live on the phone).

In our workshops, we normally work with groups of less than twenty people. Larger groups (up to several hundred) are possible but more complicated. So the cost for a ginormous group will normally be a greater than a single workshop.

Other Ways to pay-wild work

This second method of compensation is also called Wild Work. Wild Work is paid for with alternative currency (that is, an alternative to money, not with Vietnamese Dong or Peruvian Soles). We recognize a number of alternative currencies including learning, fun, new relationships, contacts, outrageous travel opportunities, landscaping, bulk food, press coverage, dog walking, etc. We have even worked for shoes.

Here are some of the forms Wild Work can take:

  • Pro Bono - People working on causes that we believe in are eligible for our pro bono program. Ask us about this, and we'll tell you more. (Past pro bono clients include Portland Center Stage and Politicorps.)
  • Barter - We use good old-fashioned barter to pay for our graphic design and public relations. We have worked for shoes, giant Post-It Notes, and basketball tickets.
  • Double or Nothing - If you are prepared to take a gamble, we might be too. Imagine you are an ad agency, working with us on a pitch. We waive our fee if you don't win the pitch. If you do win, we get paid double the normal fee. So far, our record with this is 100% (sure, we've only done it once, but hey...).
  • Interesting Auction - We challenge people to find us the most interesting brief. The winner gets a free workshop. We get new experience and learning.