None of us works alone; what we do is always affected by others. Team dynamics are tricky. The key is to create the conditions where ideas can be shared, risks can be taken, entrenched habits can be broken, and people can learn to use each other as a resource.

We give groups an experience of collaboration and an understanding of the improvisational practices that make it possible—the same practices that enable improv ensembles to create stellar stories for their customers with little time, few resources, great humor and ease, using the best of each other's talent. Think of these improv practices as “collaboration “software,” which can enable optimal productivity and creativity in teams.

This approach is particularly impactful for strong teams who want to take their game to the next level; teams who have operated in a more hierarchical way but now need to function differently; organizations that have become silo'd; and new, cross-functional teams that want to perform at the highest levels.

Our facilitation teams blend professional improv performers with a wide range of high-level business and leadership experience across different industries.