Most organizations have brand books, mission statements, values and purpose documents. And most spend a ton of time and money having these meticulously crafted and launched to the organization and to the world. But we know that words alone are not enough to drive change and aligned behavior throughout an organization. A strong and deeply held set of values can be a tremendous source of alignment and creativity for an organization—if you can catalyze them into meaningful action at every level of your company.

We believe that the key to helping organizations move from language to action is to bring to life real and imagined stories of action. Stories can be told and gathered to help an organization live its values more effectively. These collected stories can be used to help people in different geographies, departments, or roles understand what a value means to leadership and the larger organization, and how it affects them as individuals and their roles.

Stories are not prescriptive or patronizing; they can be interpreted by individuals in their own context. We've developed story structures that help both individuals and organizations learn, improve, and communicate through action. These structures help individuals and organizations:

Communicate who they are by telling stories of what they do
Demonstrate authenticity through action
Personalize values-based language that the organization holds as important
Transmit their culture to internal and external audiences

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