Mental Velcro

How can you keep the learning alive after a workshop or a conference? The kind of learning that happens through experience and discovery is, by nature, more compelling, engaging, motivating and stickier-than what you get when you use other approaches. But what creates learning over time, beyond the workshop or keynote, so you get the most value and impact? Currently, we think about this in three ways:

  • Integration. We work to embed new learning and ways of working in existing vehicles like your regular meetings, project team structures, performance reviews, etc., so that new learning deepens and evolves as you do your daily work.
  • Follow-up. For any engagement, we can use highly focused follow-up meetings, coaching sessions, and peer check-ins to add a useful, supporting forcing function and build on workshop learning.
  • Very cool stuff. We love stuff-not frivolous stuff, but the kind of stuff you want to have around and really use. And since we can't seem to stop our colleague, Gary, from doodling on all of it, his images help keep learning alive on journals, worksheets, t-shirts, wall charts, post-session postcards and podcasts. We've even been known to create themed foot lotion, erasers, luggage tags and wee booklets. We can either bring something that inspires our clients, or work with them to create custom pieces.

Click on the links to the left to view some of the stuff we create to keep learning alive.